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Black Friday 2022

Find out how long Black Friday lasts and find out some recommendations to protect your data during this digital event.

How long does Black Friday last?
© Getty ImagesHow long does Black Friday last?

The black friday It has already started all over the country. The great digital event of offers and discounts has already started and will seek to captivate all those who have in their sights that product that they have been hoping to buy for a long time. Meet below, how long does black friday last in Chile.

How long does Black Friday last?

The black friday It has an end date until next sunday november 27 in all the country.

What are the participating brands?

Among the most prominent brands that are part of this Black Friday 2022 they find each other:

  • falabella
  • adidas
  • Wados
  • booking
  • lilola
  • sioux
  • New Balance
  • shorts
  • apartment 51
  • Abcdin
  • Sparta
  • Van’s
  • nespresso
  • hush puppies
  • Open English
  • Lenovo
  • hites
  • doggies
  • piwen
  • Lounge
  • Crown
  • cat
  • John Master
  • Japi Jane
  • audiomusic

Does Black Friday have a website?

Yes, we confirm that the black friday has its own website. Once entering this LINKyou will be able to know all the adhered brands to the digital event.

How to beware of scams on Black Friday?

During this black friday It is common for various web pages to captivate people with offers and discounts that are commonly never found in retail, but that some sites that do not have a great reputation seek to steal personal data and bank accountsfor them we give you a series of tips to protect yourself and buy insurance during this Black Friday:

  • Verify that the sites are legitimate.
  • When paying check that the URL have the padlock and start with https://
  • If the offer is too attractive, Check if it is an established business.
  • Never give personal data to third partiesespecially keys.
  • Access the site of participating businesses via the official Black Friday site.

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