Fitball training

The use of various sports equipment in fitness is gaining more and more popularity. One such projectile is a fitball, which is an affordable and multifunctional training tool. What is it and how to use it – in the material “RBC Sport”

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Fitball training

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How fitball appeared

Fitball is a sports equipment in the form of a ball, the dimensions of which vary from 45 to 95 cm. Initially, the fitball appeared in the middle of the 20th century in Switzerland as a means for conducting rehabilitation sessions with people who received injuries of the musculoskeletal system. In the future, it began to be used to strengthen the respiratory system. And then he gained mass recognition in the fitness industry thanks to his multitasking. Fitball training is carried out both in fitness clubs and at home. The exercises are suitable for people with any level of activity and sports training.

Training balls can be purchased at any sporting goods store. Fitballs differ in size and purpose of their use.

There are several types of balls:

  • classic – a universal option for training;
  • ball with spikes – additional massage functionality;
  • ball with horns (help maintain balance on the ball);
  • ball with handles – suitable for physiotherapy exercises.

The indisputable advantage of the fitball is that it is suitable for people of any age and with any degree of physical fitness. Fitball is a multifunctional simulator, when working with which both the main muscle groups and the stabilizing muscles are included in the work. Ball exercises strengthen the motor and vestibular apparatus. Fitball training on a regular basis will allow you to strengthen the muscle corset, straighten your posture and even lose weight.

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After all, training on a fitball is also suitable for people with extra pounds, as it reduces the load on the joints. A single workout may take a little time, but you will be able to work out all the muscles, which will be positive for fat burning. The main thing is that the training is intense, which will speed up the metabolism.

How to choose a fitball for classes

When choosing a fitball for the training process, several important aspects must be considered. The dimensions of the ball directly depend on the height of the person:

  • with growth up to 155 cm – fitball 45 cm;
  • with growth up to 170 cm – fitball 55 cm;
  • with growth up to 185 cm – fitball 65 cm;
  • with growth over 185 cm – fitball from 75 cm.

An easy way to find a fitball for your size is to sit on it so that the knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. The type of ball should be chosen based on your goals. The ball is able to withstand loads up to 300 kg. When choosing a fitball, it is also necessary to take into account the quality of the material and the presence of an anti-explosion system.

An example of a fitball workout

Exercises with the ball can be divided into two types – “you are on the ball” and “you are with the ball”. In addition to independent exercises, the ball can also be used to practice the technique of basic fitness exercises, such as squats with a barbell.

Basic exercises with fitball

  • Squats (leg muscles work). It is necessary to install the fitball against the wall so that you press it with your lower back. Place your feet wider than shoulder width and squat.
  • Twisting (abs muscles work). Lie with your back on the fitball, place your bent arms with your palms at ear level and twist by lifting the body up.
  • Hyperextension (back muscles work). Stand with your back to the wall and place the fitball in front of you, then lie on it with your stomach, while your knees should touch the floor and your feet rest against the wall. Raise your body up and down.
  • Plank (abs work). Bend your elbows and rest them on the fitball, then, taking steps, take the plank position.
  • Glute bridge. Lie on the fitball with your back and, after taking a couple of steps forward, lower your lower back to the floor so that the body is almost vertical. Place your hands on your chest. Then do leg presses from the floor, raising the pelvis as high as possible.
  • Press. Place your back on the floor and place the fitball between your legs so that your feet are in the middle. Raise your legs vertically up.

Regular fitball training contributes to the development of coordination, the vestibular apparatus and accelerates metabolism. Fitball can be used not only for the main workout, but also as a warm-up tool. A variety of workouts helps to develop your interest in classes and thereby contribute to the achievement of your goals.

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