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Of: Ralph Waldschmidt

Well done! Hendrik Wagner and Till Klimpke high five in the 26:23 away coup of HSG Wetzlar at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf during a break from interim coach Jasmin Camdzic. The Green-Whites landed an impressive start-to-finish victory and were not even behind in the state capital of Lower Saxony. They improved to 13th place in the table, goalkeeper Till Klimpke had a significant part in the away coup with 18 saves. © Imago Sportfotodienst GmbH

Four days after the dismissal of coach Benjamin Matschke, handball Bundesliga team HSG Wetzlar showed a strong reaction and triumphed 26:23 (14:10) at TSV Hannover-Burgdorf.

The result is like salvation. Four days after the dismissal of coach Benjamin Matschke, HSG Wetzlar stopped the recent Bundesliga slide with a 26:23 (14:10) success. It was a triumph of will after a turbulent week in central Hesse, where national goalkeeper Till Klimpke stood out in the green and white dress with a whopping 18 (!) saves.

HSG Wetzlar started as if they would remember the record-breaking 38:16 home coup against Lower Saxony a little over a year ago. The 5:1 (6th, Schelker) and 7:1 (10th, Mellegard) forced the anything but insecure green and white TSV head coach Christian Prokop to a second (!) time-out after just ten minutes. The shake in the first didn’t have the desired effect, but the tactical instructions in the second timeout with subsequent 5:1 coverage did not allow the Central Hesse coached by the interim duo Jasmin Camdzic/Filip Mirkulovski to pull away any further.

The 6-0 defense arranged from the start by Hendrik Wagner and Erik Schmidt exuded security, Lenny Rubin and Jovica Nikolic always helped out at the right moment – and Till Klimpke saved eleven (!) throws before the break. fabulous! Schelker and Co. still had one or two blunders, but the time penalty against Hendrik Wagner after a quarter of an hour when the score was 9:6 for HSG didn’t throw Wetzlar off course.

In the first time-out at 12:9 (22nd), Filip Mirkulovski calmly gave new tactical instructions, while Jasmin Camdzic, a little more emotionally, called for more duels with stop fouls in defense. His words didn’t fail to have an effect, a little later Jovica Nikolic and Lenny Rubin increased the lead again to 14:9 (28th). And since Till Klimpke delivered a three-pointer parade in the final minute of the first half, the Wetzlar team went into the dressing room with an encouraging 14:10 lead.

Despite an unsightly festival of mistakes and misses on both sides between the 35th and 40th minute, the Wetzlar team kept the gap constant and in the meantime even gained a lead of 18:12 (40th). On the HSG side favored by the saves 12, 13, 14 and 15 by goalkeeper Till Klimpke, who had parried more than 50 percent of Burgdorf’s throws up to this point.

But how long would HSG Wetzlar be able to keep the hosts at a distance? At 18:15, a quarter of an hour before the end, Camdzic/Mirkulovski called for a time-out and urged their players to “keep a cool head” in order not to close the six-goal lead from the 40th minute (18:12) again in crunch time gamble away

The continued high number of stick faults took the Wetzlar fan side’s breath away, but the 17:21 up to the 50th minute and thus a poor 7:7 in the second half up to this point also documented the same weaknesses on the part of TSV Hannover -Castle Village.

In the crunch time, the hands of Rubin, Schelker and Co. got a bit shaky again. After TSV-20:23 (53 rd ) Jonas Schelker made a technical error, Domen Novak missed a seven-metre throw and Jovica Nikolic received a time penalty. Hannes Feise’s 21:23 in Burgdorf made your heart sink again, but when Wetzlar’s best field goal scorer, Lenny Rubin, scored eight goals, put it to 25:21 with 1:44 minutes to go, the away points, which were extremely important in the relegation battle, had been scored .

For goalkeeper Till Klimpke, the “good, compact 6-0 defense with a few balls saved by me” was the decisive factor for this success. The Swiss Lenny Rubin was “just happy about the points”, even if he clearly expressed his incomprehension about the dismissal of coach Benjamin Matschke in front of the Sky cameras.

Hanover-Burgdorf: Ebner, Quenstedt; Vujovic (4), Roschek, Mävers, Uscins, Kuzmanovski (2), Steinhauser, Michalczik (1), Kulesh, Edvardsson (2), Gerbl (7/4), Brozovic (2), Fischer, Feise (3), Büchner (2).

Wetzlar: Klimpke, Suljakovic; Lipovina (2), Schmidt (2), Nikolic (2), Becher, Weissgerber (1), Schelker (2), Wagner (2), Mellegard (3), Cepic (1), Rubin (8), Novak (3 /3), Nyfjäll,

shorthand / Referee: Loppaschewski/Blümel (Berlin). – Spectators: 3900. – Time penalties: 2:6 minutes. – Penalties: 4/4:4/3.

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