HSV fans: Tickets against Rostock in the away game are expensive.
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HSV fans have to buy tickets at inflated prices. © Oliver Ruhnke/Imago

HSV can still make it: Promotion is within reach. Some ticket holders for the final game of the season want to take advantage of that.

Hamburg – Those who sat down in front of the screen in time to buy tickets sometimes even got a ticket for HSV’s away game against Hansa Rostock. After only one minute all 2500 tickets were sold out. Only a short time later, the first cards appeared on Ebay and Ebay classifieds – at horrendous prices. Not only fans with guest tickets mingled with the vendors, but also Hansa supporters who sold their tickets.

24hamburg.de reveals how brazenly HSV tickets are sold on Ebay.

Although HSV had already been written off, they still have a chance of promotion. With a win against Rostock they secure the relegation place. If Werder Bremen loses at the same time, HSV is even second.

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