Teammates at HSV soon?  Nikola Dovedan in a duel with Jonas Meffert.
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Of: Natalie Margaux Rahimi

Rumors about Nikola Dovedan and HSV: Will he soon storm the Elbe? © Heiko Becker/imago

Already in June there were HSV transfer rumors about Nikola Dovedan. But the rumor fizzled out. Now, however, the striker has reappeared on Boldt’s wish list.

Hamburg – It’s such a thing with the transfer rumors. Many disappear just as quickly as they first appeared. Others quickly turn into fixed transfers. And others keep popping up over time. It is currently similar at HSV. Jonas Boldt is said to be interested in Jean-Luc Dompé for the offensive. But not only his name has been mentioned frequently in the past few weeks. There have also been rumors about Nikola Dovedan, but they fizzled out. Now bring them Bild newspaper the striker back into play. reveals here what the HSV transfer rumors about Nikola Dovedan are about.

There are currently HSV transfer rumors about the Hamburg youngster Stephan Ambrosius. After his cruciate ligament rupture he is looking for more playing time. The Karlsruher SC should be interested.

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