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According to a “Bild” report, Hamburger SV are missing several million euros to renovate the Volkspark Stadium for the EM 2024. © Stuart Franklin/Getty Images Europe/Pool/dpa/Archive image

According to a “Bild” report, Hamburger SV is missing at least ten million euros for the renovation of its Volkspark Stadium for the 2024 European Football Championship.

Hamburg – The total costs for maintenance and modernization of the arena are estimated at 18 million euros. Four group games and one quarter-final are to be played at the European Championships in the Hanseatic city.

Of the 23.5 million euros that the city of Hamburg transferred to the club in 2020 for the sale of the stadium property, according to “Bild” only around eight million euros are still available. “The funds were no longer available when I took over,” said CFO Thomas Wüstefeld, who succeeded Frank Wettstein in the board position in January of this year. In addition, the HSV did not want to make any further comments

The city had agreed with the stadium owner HSV not to make any further contribution to the stadium renovation beyond the purchase price. Since HSV lost its audience revenue in the corona pandemic, the money was used to keep the game running and other economic obligations, according to “Bild”.

HSV has ended every financial year with a deficit for eleven years. Talks between Wüstefeld and the city about further help for the stadium renovation are said to have remained fruitless. dpa

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