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Actor will play influencer’s father in new soap opera

Humberto Martins praises Jade Picon again and her performance for 'Travessia'
© Image 1 – Reproduction: Instagram/Humberto Martins | Image 2 – Reproduction: Instagram/Jade PiconHumberto Martins praises Jade Picon again and her performance for ‘Travessia’

The preparations forCrossing‘, novel by TV Globo that will replace wetland, continue. After the controversy of being cast in the teledramaturgy, Jade Picon has been showing the day to day of her preparation for the plot, where she will play the influencer chiara.

Despite the criticism, Jade received a lot of support from her co-stars, one of them was from the actor. Humberto Martins, who will play the girl’s father in the soap opera. The artist went public once again, expressing his support and praising the new actress, in an interview with the newspaper. The globe.

She’s a cute, wonderful girl. Very polite, calm. I found Jade to be very confident, with a strong personality. This is important”, he stated. The recordings of the soap opera are already beginning, but Humberto revealed that so far he has not performed a scene with his ‘daughter’.

The actor also said that he did not know Jade’s work as an influencer, but that he believes that this will be important for the construction of the role: “After I met her, Jade showed me her stuff on the internet. From what I saw, she has had experience with content exposure since she was very young. So I think that’s a big plus point in her favor.”.

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