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Hungary bans player for pointing gun at referee for life

The incident occurred during a match in one of the regional leagues. Christian Toth pointed a gun at the referee from outside the field behind him. The photo went viral on social networks, He later said that the gun was a toy and he joked unsuccessfully

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Photo: Maksim Konstantinov / Global Look Press

The Hungarian Football Federation has banned a footballer for life for pointing a gun at a linesman during a regional league match. About it informs Nemzeti Sport.

The incident itself took place on November 7th. A photo appeared on social networks in which a certain person pointed a gun at the judge, being behind him next to the bench. No one noticed this during the game, but the referee’s father drew attention to it after the publication. After that, the linesman turned to the judiciary, who informed the Hungarian Football Federation about the incident.

As a result, this person was identified as the guest team player Christian Toth, who should not have been on the bench at all then. The football player was banned for life, the police opened a case against him.

Thoth himself stated that it was just a joke. “My actions were clearly a joke, I had no intention of hurting anyone! The gun belonged to the son of one of the players, it’s just a toy plastic gun, nothing special. It did not immediately occur to me what the consequences of a reckless prank, which I immediately regretted, could be. I am very sorry, it was extremely stupid to create problems for others, for myself and for the sport, ” said The newspaper Kisalföld.

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