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Qatar 2022

Within hours of the final whistle, the renowned group Los Displicentes shared how they experienced Argentina’s defeat at the Lusail Stadium itself.

Argentine friends were dead in defeat
© the complacentArgentine friends were dead in defeat

Argentina had a sad dawn this Tuesday. What she painted to be a spectacular debut before Saudi Arabia ended up being a mess: with a single goal from Lionel Messi at 10′, the Albiceleste was the victim of a comeback from the Saudi team and fell 1-2, being the only squad in Group C -which it also shares with Mexico and Poland- that did not add in its debut in Qatar 2022.

The setback hit hard at the team commanded by Lionel Scaloni, who expressed their bewilderment at the result after the whistle. But also in all the Argentine fans who came to the Lusail Stadium with the illusion of seeing a victory. And a group that came to the venue located in the Qatari capital and was left wanting to celebrate? the complacent.

Hours after the final whistle in Doha, the renowned group of friends (who became famous in our country for their reaction to the two Copa América that Chile won against Argentina) shared how they experienced the defeat on the ground. The record started with the group tremendously hopeful and with everyone betting on a hefty victory for the Albiceleste, without having any idea of ​​what would come next.

The video shows how the group celebrated with all the penalty scored by Messi and even began to annoy the rival fans. “Don’t those in green sing anymore?” they asked. But the joy would not last long. First they would suffer with the three Argentine goals that were annulled by offside, and then they would be left dead with the Saudi comeback.

“I can’t believe it. We come champions of the Finalissima and Copa América, we come undefeated, they didn’t score goals for us in January. The face of assholes that we must have in the second half is tremendous,” the group commented after the final whistle, all with Saudi celebrations around him.

The reaction of the Complacents to the defeat of Argentina against Saudi Arabia

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