"I don't think they will renew his contract";  Edmundo is sincere about the future of the 'medallion' at Vasco

Vasco is about to start its participation in the 13th round of Série B of the Brazilian Championship. The team, now led by Maurício Souza, visits Londrina in search of another victory and not leaving the leader cruise open up more advantage over the rest of the table. The victory in Maracanã was providential to ‘stay on the tail’.

However, it was a matter outside the pitch that gave rise to talk this week in the ‘backstage’ of Vasco. Edmundo, one of the most outstanding players in the history of Cruz-Maltino, did a live on his YouTube channel and said that finds it very difficult for Nenê to stay on the team next year.

For the former striker, the midfielder has a beautiful history at Vasco, but he needs to understand that he no longer collaborates in the ideal way. Edmundo still continues, and states that in any scenario, the permanence of the ‘shirt 10’ is complicated, with Cruz-Maltino moving up in the division or remaining in Serie B.

I found the declaration that he would leave Vasco only when he returned to Série A very cool. It doesn’t depend much on him, because if Maurício Souza doesn’t succeed in this job, I don’t think they will renew his contract for next season. He has to understand that going up will not have space for the baby to stay, not going up even more difficult“, concluded Edmund.

The former player also gave his opinion on the arrival of the new coach and sees Maurício prepared for the mission: “People speak highly of Maurício Souza, his work, especially with the youth categories, achievements, and he seems very prepared to take on Vasco“, said Edmund.

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