'I seized my moment': Redmayne admitted he threw away Gallese's notes [VIDEO]

Andrew Redmayne was one of the protagonists of the batch of penalties between the Peruvian National Team and Australia in the Qatar 2022 playoff match. The goalkeeper stole the show not only for his peculiar movements before the rivals’ shots, but also for a controversial action with Pedro Gallese’s notes.

“Yes, that happened”Redmayne acknowledged before the Australian press, consulted by the images in which he was seen throwing a bottle of water off the field and some notes from the ‘Octopus’ on the ‘Socceroos’ penalty shooters

“We talked about it, if we had notes on our water bottle, if someone saw that, they would throw it away. I know how much it means to the boys and it was like a kill or be killed moment, so I seized my moment.”added Redmayne, who was received as a hero on his return to the country.

Claudio Bravo gave his opinion on Redmayne

The goalkeeper of Chile and Real Betis, Claudio Bravo, did not see anything wrong with Redmayne moving from one side to the other and responded to the people who called “clown” and more to the Australian.

“For me, it’s not being a clown, it’s being smarter than your rival. They classify him as a clown for moving and trying to put the performer in a state of nervousness “Bravo pointed out through his Twitter account.

What Bravo did not agree with was the fact of throwing Pedro Gallese’s bottle off the field, knowing that the object would contain notes from the Australian pitchers. “What he does afterwards with the bottle, he shouldn’t”sentenced the Chilean.

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