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Vozão’s attacking midfielder explained how the squad dealt with the statement by the former alvinegro coach

Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF.  Vina is one of the highlights of Ceará's squad
Thiago Ribeiro/AGIF. Vina is one of the highlights of Ceará’s squad

Tiago Nunes, former coach of Ceará, caused an uproar in the crowd and behind the scenes of Ceará, after saying, in an interview with the Flow Sport Club podcast, that there was a player in Vozão who “I didn’t foul because I lost points in Cartola“, a ‘fantasy game’ common among football enthusiasts.

What could have generated an internal crisis in the team, seems not to have had so much effect. That’s what attacking midfielder Vina says, in an interview with journalist André Hernan’s YouTube channel. “I think I know who he was talking about. If he didn’t speak, I won’t. I think he apologized later. I didn’t see the interview. I kept texting: ‘thanks, you made my cell phone boom’. What happened to people asking that question: ‘who is it?‘”, said the shirt 29 of Alvinegro.

The Vozão midfielder also said that the coach may have been wrong in his statement. “I think he was wrong. With us here, he was always a real guy, he spoke to the face. Someone might have been offended. I didn’t stay because I know Tiago and I saw what he is like. He apologized. I think it’s already resolved“, he added.

Finally, the player said that the statement by Tiago Nunes became a reason for a joke among the athletes of the cast after the repercussion on social networks. “We joked: ‘who is it? is that you?’. That review remained. Look what Tiagão is up to“, said Vina, who made it clear that the statement did not shake the group.

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