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José Luiz Datena used his program on Band, this Thursday (17), and gave his opinion on the newest controversy in Brazilian politics

Datena does not contain herself and sends the real about the Brazilian situation live on the program
🇧🇷 Playback / BandDatena does not contain herself and sends the real about the Brazilian situation live on the program

Known for not hiding his opinion, presenter José Luiz Datena appeared on his show, this Thursday (17)to comment on the newest controversy involving the speeches of President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) regarding the movement of the markets with the economic proposal to keep the R$ 600 for those who receive the Bolsa Família.

“The stock market dropped because Lula said he was going to break the spending cap because he said it was going to be given to the poor? I want the market to explode! The guy said there are no games in Brazil, how come there are no games? These gringos come here invest when the dollar rises. It’s the rotten currency because after the dollar falls, they take money from here and there is no investment”, Datena began, sounding irritated.

Then, the journalist stated that he agrees with Lula’s statements about how to deal with the situation, making comparisons with the current government. “We live in colonial Brazil because we don’t have factories, industries, necessary to be the 10th power in the world, that’s why there is this rogue income division: poor people have little, rich people have a lot. I want the market to explode!” he roared.

Finally, he returned to the comparison with the current government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). “‘You can’t because the guy is going to spend money on the poor’. That’s what Paulo Guedes does, that’s what Bolsonaro did, he spent almost 1 trillion breaking the spending ceiling for emergency aid because he needs it, otherwise the people will die of hunger,” emphasized Datena.

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