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The video creator, who is a fan of Botafogo, said he was “hotheaded” when he tweeted

Photos: Instagram/Felipe Neto
Photos: Instagram/Felipe Neto

Felipe Neto is, as everyone knows, one of the most successful entrepreneurs known for Brazil. Your channel on YouTube has millions of subscribers and is also recognized around the world, making the influencer known even in other countries. In mid-2017, he realized his big dream and sponsored the Botafogoyour heart team.

Your drumstick franchise with Luccas Netoknown as “Grandchildren”, generated controversy at the time. Today, Philip continues with a very strong relationship with the Botafogo and always gets stressed when it comes to football. This past Monday (13), he even offended the narrator of the Globe, Gustavo Villani: “Oh shut up Villani, unbearable”he wrote.

He was on the broadcast Botafogo and Hawaiiwhich ended in a 1-0 victory for the visitors. Philip apologized and acknowledged that he crossed the line: “Yesterday I was beside myself with hatred for Botafogo’s performance. Then the narrator Villani was saying a lot of things that I disagreed with and I, kid, said ‘shut up’ here”said the video maker.

“I was an asshole, stupid fanatical fan post. I apologize”, he added. Since what happened, Villani has not yet come out publicly. The journalist is at the height of his career and, since Tiago Leifert abandoned the project, has narrated the game “FIFA” with the commentator Caio Ribeiro. In addition, it must also be one of the names in the 2022 World Cupat the Qatar.

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