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Shirt 9 went to the break with a special request to teammates

Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF
Photo: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Brazil kicked off the World Cup in Qatar and, in a game of great intensity and notable aggressive power by the Canarinho team, scored the three points by beating Serbia 2-0. With two great goals by Richarlison.

However, the first stage of the match was distressing, because although it exerted great pressure, the score was 0-0. But, it can be said that victory began to be sketched at halftime. In the locker room of the Brazilian national team, the man of the game made a request to his partners: “I just need a ball”, revealed Richarlison in an interview with Globo after the match.

Richarlison was voted man of the match and in the interview he revealed that the move was thought of in training: “I don’t know if you followed it, but I scored a similar goal in Italy. He does it in training, he does it in the game. I turned it into a volley there, I don’t know , and I hit a nice shot. I hope to stay focused, I scored two goals and I want more. I said at halftime that I needed a ball and the ball came. I said last week that it was difficult to break through a block, I’m used to playing like that in England. I knew that I would have the opportunity and I could save it. I had two, I was focused and I finished well”, detailed the number 9 shirt.

The star made an outburst, since before he stood out in the first match for Brazil, he lived days of anguish, with an injury that left his squad in check: “It’s a childhood dream come true, we played a good match, especially in the second half, when opponent got tired and we took advantage. I’m happy, confident, I’ve been crying for four weeks and in doubt about coming. The exam day was one of the longest of my life. It was a break, I took the exam, I stayed on the stretcher and the doctors they passed and the result did not come. It was worth all the effort to recover, treating three periods a day. All my desire to come to the Cup. Now it is to continue, we did the main thing which was to win the game, at the start. Now it is to think about the second game and rest well. We did the first and there are six more.”

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