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Of: Nils Wollenschläger


National coach Toni Söderholm has extended his contract with DEB. © Matthias Balk/dpa

The 2022 Ice Hockey World Championships will start in Finland on Friday (May 13). German ice hockey fans will be able to watch all games on free TV. Here is all the TV information:

This will be a highlight for all ice hockey fans! The 2022 World Cup will take place in Finland from May 13th to 29th. The DEB team travels to the tournament with a powerful team and wants to cause a sensation like in 2021.

MANNHEIM24 has summarized all TV information about the Ice Hockey World Championship 2022 for you and tells you how you can watch the games of the German national ice hockey team live.

In Group A, the team coached by national coach Toni Söderholm meets Canada (May 13), Slovakia (May 14), France (May 16), Denmark (May 19), Italy (May 20), Kazakhstan (May 22). May) and Switzerland (May 24). (nwo)

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