Yan Tavares


The 26-year-old striker has a contract with Fortaleza until the end of 2025 and has expressed his desire to play for a new club.

Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF
Photo: Lucas Emanuel/AGIF

Turned the page of the goalless draw with Goiás, for the first leg of the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, Atlético-GO now prepares for its next challenge in the Brasileirão. The club from Goiás visits Ceará, at 6 pm this Sunday (26), for the 14th round of the Serie A. Thinking about the sequence of the season, with the two national competitions and the Copa Sudamericana in the calendar of this second semester, the Board of Directors remains in the ball market.

With an eye on specific pieces to raise the level of the cast, the staff of Dragão decided to enter the fight for striker Renato Kayzer. The player lives a turbulent moment in Fortaleza and directs his departure from Leão do Pici. Grêmio and Vasco have already expressed interest in counting on the 26-year-old player’s football. This Thursday (23), the website fans.com informed that Atlético’s staff have ongoing conversations with the striker.

To GE, President Adson Batista commented on the negotiation. “Right now, Fortaleza wants a sale that is out of our standards. Now, if Fortaleza understands that Atlético-GO is able to value and even stipulate a price for the end of the year, we can pay for a loan”, he explained. the representative. Kayzer has a contract with Fortaleza until the end of 2025.

Although he has no official proposal from abroad, Renato Kayzer’s manager, Luiz Tavera, confirmed that there are polls from clubs in Saudi Arabia, the United States, Mexico, Japan and China. The striker played in 23 games with the Tricolor shirt, scored just three goals and provided two assists. This means that Fortaleza can go to the transfer market in search of a reference player in the area to reinforce the squad from the month of July, more precisely on the 18th, when the new Brazilian window opens.

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