carrasco does it all

LNumbers on many occasions have to be taken with tweezers in the world of football. Griezmann added a new game without seeing a goalkeeper, but the truth is that the Frenchman had a great game at the Martnez Valero. He notably influenced the two decisive moves of the match. He did everything Simeone asked of him.

The Slovenian goalkeeper did not have too much work and the little that came to his domains, he solved with great confidence. He played much more with his feet than with his hands.

Sime Vrsaljko barely lasted five minutes on the pitch. The Croatian suffered a muscle injury and left his place to Lodi in the first leg of the match.

Alternate too forceful actions in which he could be severely punished with the security that comes when defending a footballer of the stature of Boy. He had to play on the right in a line of three central defenders and on some occasion he sinned in rushing out of his zone.

The Uruguayan defender was very confident at all times, positioned himself in the center of the defense and participated in both defensive and offensive tasks. From him came the leather to overcome the first lines of the rival. Good match.

He started as a left back and ended up as a left-back. One more day he showed his defensive strength and won all the individual duels. He closed both outside and inside. He started after leaving the derby against Real Madrid with muscle discomfort.

The Argentine midfielder lowered his level in the second half after a good first half. He looked for the balls into space breaking lines from the midfield.

The captain played in more advanced positions than he usually does in recent seasons and was key in preventing Elche from going on the attack calmly. He banked left to match up with Lodi.

The Central African is an octopus in the core. He did not stop recovering balls in the center of the field and avoided the circulation of the ball in the local team. It is at a very high level.

The Belgian was not as participative as in the derby but he left good feelings. He started on the left and moved to the right after Vrsaljko’s injury. He looked for the spaces along the lime line and the overflow in the last few meters.

The Brazilian outside the box has shown on several occasions to be a great striker and on this occasion, he also did so in the last meters. They opened the scoring after a great assist from Lodi and made their teammates better by receiving with their backs to the rival goal. He deserves more minutes in the Atl├ętico attack.

He left the game without scoring, but he had a real great game and was the best for Atltico. The play that ended with Cunha’s goal was born from his boots and he was generous giving the goal to De Paul when he could have finished it off at will. I left technical details of the great quality of him and showed that he knows how to read the game perfectly. Great meeting.

He had to change the initial approach due to Vrsaljko’s injury. He went through a defense of five with Lodi on the left and Carrasco on the right and seeing the play of the first goal, there is no doubt that it went well for him. Once again, and it’s been ten years in a row, he managed to get his team into the Champions League.

He came on for Vrsaljko’s injury in the fifth minute of the game and responded perfectly to Simeone’s confidence. He put in a perfect ball for Cunha to score the first goal of the match.

Salt Herrera to the field with 20 minutes to go.

I took Griezmann’s place in the final stretch of the match. He grazed the goal with a shot to the crossbar in the last breath.

Felipe played the last ten minutes of the game. He played right back and delivered.

Luis Surez enjoyed the last ten minutes of the game.

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