Imperial Mignolet, faulty Otasowie, dynamic Sowah: the notes of the Bruges after the match against Zulte

Mignolet 9

If the scorer did not show 0-2 after 12 minutes, it was again thanks to the Bruges goalkeeper. A point-blank reflex and an incredible relaxation, on DompĂ©’s two attempts. For all of his work since the start of the season, he deserved a 9.

Otasowie 2

At the origin of Odoi’s loss of ball, then guilty twice, he multiplied the bad choices, with big chances offered to the attackers of Zulte. Another chance passed, while in the absence of Hendry and following the departure of Nsoki to Hoffenheim, he had a real card to play.

Sowah 6

Holder in his favorite place, the Ghanaian had been waiting for this for a long time. He was very dynamic and asked a lot for the ball. Despite this, his actions were unsuccessful. Maybe with more confidence it will.

Hoefkens 4

Five changes, forced or not, compared to the rout at Eupen. This did not prevent FC Bruges from conceding the first chances and not erasing their defensive errors. After the equaliser, he threw all his forces into battle, with four substitutions. But it seemed hopeless.

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