IMSS and ISSSTE pension in Mexico: date of payment of the independent amount and how to collect in May

This information is for you. As announced by the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) and the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE), this week the deposit corresponding to the month of May was made for all pensioners and retirees in Mexico.

IMSS 2022 pension: payment date in May

If you are a beneficiary of the IMSS Pension, we remind you that said institution communicated that the payment of the monthly payment corresponding to May will be made on Monday 2. Of course, it is recommended that everyone attend the establishments on days subsequent to the aforementioned to avoid new infections. of COVID-19.

How to collect IMSS and ISSSTE pensions for May?

  • Respect the health guidelines to avoid possible infections of COVID-19.
  • Go to collect pensions in later days to avoid crowds.
  • Make purchases with a credit card or through online banking, instead of cash.

ISSSTE 2022 pension: when do they pay in May?

In the event that you want to collect the ISSSTE Pension, this institution announced that it will make the payment for the month of May, almost in advance, this Thursday, April 28. That said, it will be from that date that the beneficiaries will be able to dispose of their money safely.

IMSS and ISSSTE 2022 pension payment dates

  • January: Monday, January 3 (PAID OUT).
  • February: Tuesday, February 1 (PAID OUT).
  • March: Tuesday, March 1 (PAID OUT).
  • April: Friday, April 1 (PAID OUT).
  • May: Friday April 29 (PAID OUT).
  • June: Wednesday June 1.
  • July: Friday, July 1.
  • August: Monday, August 1.
  • September: Thursday, September 1.
  • October: Friday, September 30.
  • November: Tuesday, November 1.
  • December: Thursday, December 1.

What to do if you do not get paid the IMSS and ISSSTE Pension?

According to the Federal Attorney for the Defense of Labor (Profedet), workers, whether basic, trustworthy, permanent, unionized, contracted for a specific job or time, temporary, commission agents, commerce agents, insurance , vendors and the like must receive the payment of their bonus.

In this way, “said labor benefit applies to all persons who provide their services in a subordinate manner to an employer whose employment relationship is governed by the Federal Labor Law,” explains the agency. In case of non-compliance, can the worker go to the Profedet to receive advice and representation?

IMSS-ISSSTE pension: in what situations are they applied?

Both the ISSSTE and the IMSS are the only institutions in charge of offering these pensions to workers in Mexico. A pension is the payment of an economic benefit that protects certain types of people in the event that they go through some of the situations detailed below:

  • Suffer an accident at work.
  • That he suffers from an illness.
  • Turn 60 years old.
  • In case of death, the pension passes to his family.


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