"In 2024, we could have the youngest Prime Minister in Belgian history"

While several politicians, such as Paul Magnette or Georges-Louis Bouchez, do not hide their ambition to hold the office of Prime Minister, another name already seems to be insistently attracting attention. Indeed, on the side of the Flemish socialists, the popularity of Conner Rousseau explodes. Aged only 29, the president of Vooruit had also announced a few months ago that he could be tempted by 16 rue de la Loi.

Does Conner Rousseau have a chance? To this question, the journalist of La Libre, Frédéric Chardon, reacted rather favorably this Thursday on the set of the program “The corridors of the Chamber”, on LN24. “Some time ago, I did not envision the chairman of the Flemish Socialists, Conner Rousseau, as a future prime minister. And yet his rating has risen very strongly. We hear more and more behind the scenes of the federal government – and a little beyond – that he could very well take 16 in 2024 and become the youngest prime minister in history.”

He overshadows Paul Magnette

Frédéric Chardon recalled that Paul Magnette also covets the position. “He is already considering, if the socialist family were number 1 in 2024, to take the place of Alexander De Croo. But he must be careful because Vooruit is busy rising more and more in the polls. Conner Rousseau is taking more and more more political assurance. We saw it in particular when he allowed himself to fire up the unions which went on national strike. He is so sure of himself and of his political status that he allows himself to give lessons to the unions who are nevertheless objective allies of the socialists. So we feel that, if there is to be a socialist in power in 2024, it will be Conner Rousseau rather than Paul Magnette.

Catherine Fonck accuses Alexander De Croo of “making up the budget figures”

Secondly, LN24 devoted part of its program to the budgetary issue. While Prime Minister Alexander De Croo acknowledged in the House a “material error” in the 2023 budget regarding the 6% VAT on energyCatherine Fonck was very skeptical. “I believe in the numbers of the Secretary of State because I fear that otherwise she would not have changed her figures and then recognized that there was, not a simple material error but a real error at the level of the accounts. This suggests that the government wanted to present a disguised budget so that the deficit is lower than it really is, under penalty of having the largest deficit in the European Union.

Why the resignation of State Secretary Eva De Bleeker is possible

The Committed group leader also spoke about the possibility of the resignation of the State Secretary Eva De Bleeker. “It seems to me that she told the truth. The budget it was not she who made up for it but the Prime Minister who, obviously, told her that she had to modify her figures again by showing a lower deficit in the subject of Belgium. The deficit that we are currently encountering is normal. On the other hand, the minimum that we can expect in terms of trust is that there is a discourse based on the truth. from a government is unacceptable.”

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