In Beloeil, the price of a garbage bag will drop to €1 in 2023

The “green” garbage bag will cost Beloeil citizens more in 2023. The municipal council voted, this Wednesday evening, on the tax regulation relating to the removal and treatment of household waste.

The coverage rate, more commonly known as the true cost, will drop from 96% to 101%.

If the flat rate part of the tax has not changed compared to the 2020 to 2022 financial years, the ruling party (PS-Bel’Elan-L’Essentiel) has decided to increase the price of garbage bags.

Waste management: an additional cost of €10,000

For a 60-litre bag, which until now cost €0.75, we will reach the symbolic bar of one euro. The small bag of 30 liters will also undergo an increase by climbing, from next year, from 0.375€ to 0.50€. Three years after the last increase, in lesser proportions, the Beloeil college did not really have a choice in view of the current situation of generalized inflation.

The increase in the contribution to Ipalle (+ €0.67 per inhabitant per year, i.e. approximately €10,000 more than in 2022), which leads to an increase in the true cost, is one of the main factors. Whether at municipal level or at intermunicipal level, labor is also increasingly expensive: + 10% in 2023. This year, there have already been five wage indexations “, specifies the socialist mayor Luc Vansaingèle.

Reward those who put in effort

The municipal authorities also intend to send a signal to the population.

Rather than touching the household contribution, we preferred to modify the variable part of the garbage tax. Through this mechanism, we want to reward citizens who make sorting efforts. The objective pursued is to reduce the relatively large quantity of waste collected door-to-door (Editor’s note: the trucks carry out one collection round per week).”

It will be recalled that the citizens of the princely entity are a dunce in our region with some 185 kg of waste produced per inhabitant in 2021: this is well beyond the average of 150 kg in Picardy Wallonia.

VAPs to reduce dependence on garbage cans

To reverse the trend, the recent installation of ten organic voluntary drop-off points, in addition to the four existing PAVs on the territory, testifies to an ambitious policy of the Commune.

By paying the tax, residents will, of course, continue to be allocated garbage bags free of charge: from one to three rolls depending on the composition of the household.

As we mentioned above, the other part of the waste tax, namely the fixed part, is unchanged.

A single person will have to pay €56 while the amounts remain fixed at €112 for two-person households, €168 for families of 3 or more people, €126 per second residence as well as for citizens exercising an independent profession. or running a business.

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