Elena Rybakina

Vice-President of the Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan called the words of Shamil Tarpishchev about “our product” to Rybakina inappropriate, but acknowledged the impact of the competitive environment in Russia on the career of an athlete “in the early stages”

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Elena Rybakina

(Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images)

The representative of Kazakhstan Elena Rybakina and her parents have done a great job to succeed at Wimbledon, the merits of the Russian Tennis Federation (RTF) in this are minimal, declared “Match TV” Vice-President of the Tennis Federation of Kazakhstan Yuri Polsky.

On July 9, Rybakina, representing Kazakhstan, became the first ever native of Moscow to win Wimbledon. The head of the FTR, Shamil Tarpishchev, said before the final “RIA News”that Rybakina is “our product”.

“I consider it inappropriate to use the term “product”, since we are talking about a personality that is not stamped at the factory, but to which you need to find an approach and keys. Coaches and even the president of the federation did a lot of this. Elena herself did a great job, as well as her parents. The merits of the FTR in this regard are minimal, although Russia’s competitive environment certainly played a role in the early stages,” Polsky said.

Rybakina became the first Wimbledon winner from Moscow

Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Rybakina was born in Moscow and received Kazakh citizenship in 2018.

In the final of Wimbledon, the 23-year-old athlete defeated the Tunisian Ons Jaber in three sets – 4:6, 6:2, 6:2.

Russian tennis players were unable to compete at Wimbledon this year due to the decision of the tournament organizers, which is why the Women’s Tennis Association and the Association of Tennis Professionals deprived the competition of rating points.

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