In the heart of the VAR Replay Center in Tubize, where our pro football matches are screened

Since the start of the 2021-2022 season, the VAR has been centralized in one place, at the federal center in Tubize. The place is meant to be impenetrable for those who are not authorized to enter. The visit to the VAR Replay Center in Tubize offered by the ACFF as part of his weekly program ACFF Actu therefore allows us to lift a corner of the veil on a place regularly at the heart of attention and discussions during our professional football matches.

Six workstations

In one of the new buildings of the federal center in Tubzize, there is a room specially dedicated to the VAR. It is from this room with its dark and studious atmosphere that the matches are scrutinized.

In total, there are six workstations, which allow simultaneous analysis of as many matches. “If necessary, there is the possibility of adding mobile kits during days with 7 or 8 matches, as may be the case at the end of the championship”, adds referee Alexandre Boucaut, also Recruitment Manager of the arbitration within the ACFF.

In the center of the room, there is a technical station, where the technicians who are on duty during each day of the championship sit. Their role: to ensure that the connections with the stadiums work properly.

Three people per match: two referees and a technician

Each match is monitored by three people, including two referees. At the center of the team is the main VAR, who is usually a D1A referee. On his right, the VAR assistant. “His mission is in particular to take over from the main VAR when the latter is busy checking a phase”, adds Alexandre Boucaut. “It’s usually a first division assistant referee.”

The team is completed by an operator, who has an essential technical function, that of quickly finding the best angle of view so that the VAR can position itself on the phase to be analyzed.

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