In the midst of an anxiety attack, she drives in the wrong direction on the Saint-Ghislain highway

On September 5, 2021 at 5 a.m., Amandine (assumed first name) committed a malicious obstruction of traffic as well as a hit and run on the Saint-Ghislain highway.

It was in a state of unconsciousness that the 37-year-old woman notably drove in the wrong direction and turned around. At the sight of the police, she also backed up before stopping at their height.

Amandine therefore had to explain the various warnings at the bar of the criminal court of Mons “I recognize and I fully assume”, said the defendant. “That day, I unfortunately had an anxiety attack.”

Currently being followed by treatment for her anxieties, she confided somewhat disturbing remarks to the judge. “When I’m in a crisis, I get behind the wheel of my car to calm myself down.”

Admitting that she had not taken her treatment 24 hours before the day of the events, the young woman wanted to give more details at the bar. “I was planning to leave the motorway service area in Saint-Ghislain, I found myself in work. In the midst of an anxiety attack, I took the wrong exit”.

For the representative of the public prosecutor, the facts are extremely serious. Moreover, according to a psychiatric expert, the defendant’s anxiety attacks in no way explain her dangerous attitude on the road.

A two-year prison sentence with suspended probation was requested. The defense lawyer requested a probationary suspension since Amandine has no criminal record. Judgment will be delivered on December 15.

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