"Indefensible": Madonna stages her vagina and scandalizes internet users

Always further. Like other celebrities before her, Madonna has taken hold of the phenomenon of NFTs, these digital works of art that look like speculative bubbles. The 63-year-old singer has teamed up with artist Mike Vinkelmann, alias Beeple, to give birth to a charitable but highly controversial triptych.

“I bring art to life”

The vagina of the Material Girl is particularly honored in the work called “Mother of Creation”, (“Mère de la Création”, NdlR). A 3D avatar of the star, totally naked, brings butterflies, insects and trees to life in a strange representation of Mother Nature. “I give life to creation and art, and we would be lost without both”she said, proud of the result.

On social networks, it is another story. “It’s indefensible”, “she no longer has any class”, “ridiculous”or “I vomit”are all comments that can be found on Twitter.

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