Leandro Stillitano was Ariel Holan's field assistant.  (Photo: German Garcia Adrasti)

The former field assistant of Ariel Holan and Gustavo Quinteros will have his first experience as group leader in the Avellaneda team. What did he say in his introductory lecture?

A new cycle began at Independiente. Leandro Stillitano He was introduced as the club’s new coach and gave a press conference at the Libertadores de América stadium. His arrival at the institution is one of the first strong decisions of the board of directors made up of Fabian Doman, Nestor Grindetti and Juan Marconi. The objective is clear: to recover the historical identity of the club and play football to the fan’s liking.

Stillitano is an almost unknown name in local football. Of course, the 39-year-old coach will have his first experience as group leader of a first division team, since he worked in the promotion, was in charge of the Red reserve and was part of the field assistant of Ariel Holan and Gustavo Quinteros . “I have been working in groups for 14 years. I was in Primera D, Primera C, I worked with Ariel Holan, with Gustavo Quinteros. To lead in First Division you have to be prepared. And I’m ready for this“He expressed to dispel doubts about his preparation.

Leandro Stillitano was Ariel Holan’s field assistant. (Photo: German Garcia Adrasti)

In addition, he revealed that he has a link that goes beyond the professional and that has to do with his personal life. His father was a reserve player for the club, his brother worked for the club’s futsal team and his sons are students at the school owned by Independiente. “My dad played in the Lower, in Reserve. He was a central midfielder. He told me what Independiente was, what Bochini, Pastoriza, and Negro Galván were. My brother worked in the club’s futsal. And my children go to the El Rojo school, just like my niece, who was ripped off today and is here.”, he counted.

His very deep knowledge of the institution means that he knows exactly what the fans want and what is the idiosyncrasy that must be worked for to return to the bases and historical convictions that made the Avellaneda team so great.

“Independiente has to win even the friendlies. That is what marks our history. The first thing we have to do is make the fan feel identified with the team. That is the first step in building the foundation. The whole club has to become aware of the situation, but rest assured that we are going to do everything to put the club as high as possible.”was his message full of conviction.

Many were the names that were on the table to replace Julio Cesar Falcioni, who was not to the taste of the leadership. Ricardo Gareca, Gustavo Quinteros, Mauricio Pellegrino, among others were the options that were mentioned. For one reason or another, none of them could be specified and the surname of Stillitano appeared, which generated consensus and was liked by his modern and hard-working profile. “When Pablo Cavallero and Daniel Seoane – sports secretary – called me, I did not hesitate. That Independiente calls me is like a family member or a friend does. I am convinced of being here and of doing a comprehensive project, from First Division to Children’s football. I was lucky to work with two coaches who are winners. I have the tools to put Independiente in the place it deserves“, he asserted.

As always, the beginning of the cycles gather enthusiasm and renewed energy. However, Independiente’s financial situation is not good, in fact, it is plagued by debts and fearful of the inhibitions that may fall. The incorporations are probably few and specific, you can not go wrong with the players that are brought.

We are working day by day with Fabián Doman and Pablo Cavallero in assembling the group. We know that Independiente has a very short margin of error and we aim to strengthen the squad. Additions will come that are aligned with this“, commented Stillitano. For this reason, he placed special emphasis on what he wants for his team and how he thinks it will be the way to face this moment. “I want the team to be the protagonist of the game, interpreting the four phases of the game: when it attacks and when it defends. The idea is to have the ball. And when you can’t, you have to know how to play without the ball. We aim for that and we believe that we can achieve it“.

Doman and his conviction after the appointment of Stillitano

The brand new president of Independiente highlighted Stillitano’s courage in accepting the challenge of leading the club at a time as difficult as the one we are experiencing. “To be in this moment of Independiente you have to have balls“, he expressed.

In addition, he recounted the importance and value of extensive knowledge of the club’s lower and youth teams. Of course, at a time of so many debts, young people will be very important, they will have a lot of filming and it will be essential that they are brought in the right way to be able to exploit their full potential. “We have brought the person who knows the most to the upper and lower divisions of Independiente. You don’t have to explain who each player is

Pablo Cavallero, the club’s sports director, stated that despite the complications they are moving in the market to quickly add new recruits and that the coach has available the players he will have to diagram the squad. “We are moving on a day-to-day basis so that we can have the team that we are looking to have as quickly as possible. The idea is to have two players per position”.

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