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FIFA President Gianni Infantino at the press conference. © Tom Weller/dpa

The FIFA boss laments the “double standard” towards the World Cup hosts Qatar. At the beginning of his speech, Gianni Infantino reaches deep into his emotional box.

Al-Rajjan – FIFA President Gianni Infantino has denounced a “double standard” by western nations against World Cup hosts Qatar a day before the opening game.

“I think what we Europeans have done worldwide for the past 3,000 years, we should apologize for the next 3,000 years before we start giving moral advice to others,” said the 52-year-old during a press conference in Al-Rajjan . It is “sad” to have to experience this “double standard”.

Qatar has been criticized for years for its poor handling of human rights and the living conditions of foreign workers, which has also been voiced by independent organizations such as Amnesty International. The government of the emirate rejects this.

FIFA boss has secondary residence in Doha

“How many of these Western companies that are receiving billions from Qatar here – how many of them have spoken out about migrant workers’ rights? None of them,” Infantino said, without giving examples. “Who takes care of the workers? Who? FIFA does it, football does it, the World Cup does it – and, to be fair, Qatar does it too.”

“I don’t understand why Qatar’s progress isn’t being recognized,” said the FIFA President, who has a second home in Doha. “This way of wanting to teach lessons one-sidedly is hypocritical.”

The Swiss opened his press conference with: “Today I feel very strong feelings, today I feel like a Qatari, today I feel like an Arab, today I feel like an African. Today I feel homosexual. Today I feel handicapped, today I feel like a migrant worker.” dpa

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