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The problem affects sounds made available by the social network itself

© Credits: UnsplashInstagram

Instagram is blocking videos that use music on reels, stories and even users’ feeds. Some content producers complained on the web, because outage interfered with old content. The problem affects sounds made available by the social network itself, which differs from audios banned for infringing specific copyrights.

The notification arrives via email and also as a pop-up when the user logs into their Instagram account. The message alleges that the video was blocked for copyright infringement.cites which song broke the rule and provides the chance to send a request for a challenge to the platform.

According to user complaints, the appeal does not solve the problem. In order to submit the contestation, the user must disclose evidence that confirms the right to use the sound, such as documents and other materials. In order to avoid problems, the social network offers a musical set with sounds licensed for use within the platform, regardless of the format (reels, stories or feed).

Through social networks, netizens did not spare criticism of Instagram’s attitude about deleting videos without prior notice of changes in the guidelines. “We use the songs they provide in the stickers, so it makes no sense to block the videos. How do I explain to my customers that the content was blocked? It looks like it was our mistake”, says content creator Carla Almeida. For now, Instagram has not commented on the matter.

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