"Interpreter mode" of the Google Assistant: what it is for and how to activate it

The google assistant is a software developed with artificial intelligence, which continues to be updated to bring new functions to users in order to improve their experience, this time, the company with the big “G” added the “interpreter mode” in the aforementioned virtual assistant, What is the new tool for and how to use it? then we will explain all the details from Depor.

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The interpreter mode Google Assistant is a two-way translator in real time, it means that when you activate it you are going to choose a language that you do not master, the same one that you want to use to communicate with other people, in this way when you say something in your mother tongue it automatically goes to translate into the language you have chosen. For example, if you have selected English, speak in Spanish and the Google Assistant will translate it instantly, or vice versa, if that person speaks in English, it will quickly translate it into Spanish.

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  • First, make sure you’re in a place where there’s not a lot of noise so that Google Assistant can clearly understand all your words.
  • Then say the following: “Hey Google, can you be my (language) interpreter? It also works with the “Hey Google, activate the interpreter”, the software will ask you in which language you want to translate it, choose one.
  • Finally, just speak and the Assistant will repeat the same thing out loud but in the language you have chosen, it will even be written, so both can read it and understand what you mean.

It is important to clarify that these answers are called “intelligent answers”, also, the interpreter mode can only translate up to forty-four languages, including English, German, French, Japanese, etc. Without a doubt, it is a tool that could get you out of trouble when you want to communicate with someone who does not understand you.

The steps to make calls without touching your cell phone using the Google Assistant

  • Enter the main screen of your cell phone and from here press the digital “home” button, which is located at the bottom.
  • At that moment you will see the google assistantwho will ask you to configure your voice to be able to manage it just by saying “Ok, Google”.
  • When you’re done, just say “Ok Google, call” and determine the name of the person or contact.
  • If there are two contacts with the same name, Google will tell you which one you want to call.
  • Once you’ve selected it, the wizard will execute the call and you’re done.

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