Investigation in a nursery in Flanders: a child suffers from shaken baby syndrome

The West Flanders court is investigating possible abuse at a children’s home in Veurne. A little boy ended up in hospital after being violently shaken, write De Standaard, Het Nieuwsblad and the Gazet van Antwerpen. The question is whether it happened in the nursery or outside it. These are facts dating back a few weeks, of which the non-profit organization Kinderdagverblijven Veurne, which supervises childcare, only informed the Opgroeien agency on Monday.

Worrying signs appeared a few weeks ago, after a call from Veurne hospital to the police. Doctors suspect a case of shaken baby syndrome. The child had been hospitalized for some time. The exact circumstances of the child abuse remain unclear. The child has spent the last few months with a foster mother in Veurne. Whether the incident took place there or elsewhere is currently under investigation.

The West Flanders court confirms that a judicial inquiry is underway. “The investigation is being carried out against unknown persons, with the qualification of assault and battery against a minor”, indicates the prosecutor Frank Demeester. The foster mother in question was interviewed, but not arrested. Also in March 2020, a baby, cared for by the same foster mother, ended up in hospital.

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