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The launch can be found next year in the first half


This last Monday (21), a new speaker technology “invisible for vehicles, which make use of the vibrating panel to have the sound, was presented to the market. LG Display is responsible for launching the product that was manufactured in partnership with a global audio company that did not have its name exposed. The device will be in shop windows for purchase from the first half of 2023.

The name of the device is called “Thin Actuator Sound Solution”, a novelty that has everything to enhance and innovate a new path of vehicular entertainment, leaving common speakers to the sidelines. Unlike the traditional sound device, the new product makes use of a film that can generate sound in the entire environment of the car.

According to what was said by the huge South Korean company, the audio could be generated from the vibration in the screen panels, for example, creating an “immersive and rich 3D sound experience” inside the vehicle. The novelty is similar to the technology developed in OLED TVs from the brand itself and in models from competitor Sony.

Another attribute that extends the novelty is that the high-speaking “invisible Lh Display has the measurements, with 150 mm x90 mm, thickness of 2.5 mm and a weight of 40 grams, the size of a passport.

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