Invited Belgian World Cup fans can still whistle for an extra allowance of 68 euros per day


The fans of the Red Devils who were allowed to travel to Qatar at the expense of the organization will not receive pocket money of 68 euros per day on top.. Twenty Belgian supporters accepted the offer of free flights, hotel and on top of that the extra compensation, but that is now gone.

Jeroen DePauw

Fans from other countries who accepted the ‘Fan Leader Network’ offer will also not receive the compensation. The Qatari authorities have now announced this themselves two days before the opening ceremony of the World Cup.

The supporters are still reimbursed for air travel and hotels, but they also continue to receive criticism. By accepting the offer, they should in return show Qatar, the event and everything that goes with it in a positive light, especially on social media. Although this is still denied with might and main by both the organization and the fans themselves.

Strictly confidential

The authorities blamed the press for the cancellation of the fee after it was announced that the fans were paid. “Due to recent media developments, we would like to protect our visiting fans from the misinformed statements. As a result, the daily allowance is unfortunately no longer provided. The allowance was intended as a small increase in your own personal funds to help purchase food and drink during your stay,” fans were told in an email.

Some fans are already expressing their displeasure because they had counted on the extra fee of 68 euros per day, but the organization counters: “We have asked from the start that you bring enough money to cover your own living costs. We have only committed to cover flights, accommodation and the opening match ticket.”

At the bottom of the message was also an extra threat that the information is strictly confidential and could not be shared, but the news nevertheless leaked in, among other things, The Guardian. The news was also confirmed to us by the Belgian fans.


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