iPhone: so you can listen to audio from WhatsApp groups without anyone knowing

WhatsApp has become one of the most popular apps today, since with it you can send various messages to your friends and family daily quickly from your iPhone.

Also, this app allows you to send and receive voice notes to improve your user experience; however, you may not want anyone to know that you listened to a particular audio.

Although there are many tricks to achieve this in private chatsthings get complicated when it comes to groups of WhatsApp; however, there are some methods that you can apply below.

How to listen to audios in a group chat on iPhone without anyone knowing

  • One of the tricks you can perform from your cell phone with iOS is to create a chat with yourself. To do this, you will have to add your own number, go to the search for WhatsApp and transfer the audio you want there. Then, you have to forward it to another contact and then you can listen to it without anyone knowing.
  • Another alternative is to send the audio to another app that you have available and thus listen to it at another time. Among the most recommended alternatives is Telegram, gmail or even Google Drive.
  • Finally, you have the option to listen to the audio outside of WhatsApp. Although it is not certain that the sender knows that you received the voice clip, it is an alternative that you can try from the iPhone.

So you can change the font size on iPhone

  • From your cell phone, go to the section Setting.
  • Then head towards Accessibility.
  • Once this is done, select Screen and text size.
  • Then choose the Select Larger Text option.
  • Now, you will see a scroll bar and you need to move it to the right to increase the font size.
  • Finally, open any chat, enter any text and check if it is the right size for you.

With these steps, you can have a larger font and thus have a better experience when reading something. In case you want to make the letter smaller, you must slide the bar mentioned above to the left.

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