iPod: the end of a sacred era

Of all the products that Apple has brought to market, few have caused as many revolutions as it. Destroyer of the minidisc, rancor of the digitization of music and iTunes+, precursor of the iPhone: the iPod is many things!

Steve Jobs’ musical baby, launched in 2001, however, it will definitely bow out: as of today, the iPod Touch (the only version still marketed – from €238 all the same! – by Apple) comes out of production. It will be sold until stocks run out, and until it dies. This large touchscreen iPod was last updated three years ago. But many versions had preceded it, between the iPod Classic, Nano or Shuffle, of all possible and imaginable colors.

The reason for this burial is obvious: today, with the trivialization of music streaming platforms, combined with the fact that any smartphone is as effective as any dedicated music player, this type of device no longer makes sense. To tell the truth, it is already a small achievement that it has been kept in the Apple catalog for so long and that it has survived the scrapping of iTunes in 2019. Question of affect?

In total, the iPod, whose design (by Sir Johnny Ive, now far from Cupertino) has been repeatedly rewarded, will have sold some 450 million copies in just over 20 years. Estimated figures, since since 2015, Apple had stopped communicating on the sales of its music player in isolation.

There, casually, like when the walkman or the Compact Disc player bowed out before it, it’s a hell of a piece of the history of nomadic music that is going away…

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