Celebration of the players of Iran (Pavel Golovkin)

They beat him 2-0 at Al Rayyan, with two goals in added time. Gareth Bale was a shadow and his team was left on the line.

It is not the cup of the “prodes”, Of course. who is laughing now is Iran, who came from eating a win and now celebrates. Because he gave the blow before Welsh: he clearly won by 2 to 0 and now he even has chances to get into the round of 16.

It doesn’t look like it’s going to be Gareth Bale’s cup either. The striker, on whom all of Wales’ hopes depend, was a shadow. Apathetic, little participatory. To make matters worse, no one accompanied him next to him.

The news for Iran was sardan azmoun‚Äč, who played after not having minutes in the debut. The Bayer Leverkusen striker was poignant, created spaces and had the clearest options. A great bet from Quiroz, who risked his skin to take him: the Federation wanted him out of Qatar because of his support for the protests that are convulsing the country.

Celebration of the players of Iran (Pavel Golovkin)

The first half had a Wales owns the ballbut to a iran that was clearer standing against The VAR annulled a goal at the start after a good wall between Azmoun and Gholizadeh that even had a hip pass.

In the snap, Iran saw that it could take everything. Azmoun received a perfect ball, held on and burst the stick. On the rebound, Gholizadeh hit the post again. He deserved the advantage.

Wayne Hennessey's hard tackle on Mehdi Taremi.  It was the first red of the World Cup (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay)

Wayne Hennessey’s hard tackle on Mehdi Taremi. It was the first red of the World Cup (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay)

Azmoun’s departure through injury seemed to sting Iran, but his rival never took over. On top of that, Wales was left with 10 due to a very hard start from goalkeeper Hessenney. It was the first red card of the tournament and it was by VAR: the referee Mario Alberto Escobar Toca had only admonished him, but when he saw the repetition he sent him off.

from so much trying, finally Iran found it. To the 98 minutes Cheshmi grabbed a ball outside the box and unleashed a forehand that caught Ward’s post. Madness in the stands. Even more so when, two minutes later, Taremi dressed as an assistant for Rezaeian to close the victory with a nice finish.

Gareth Bale, almost out of the cup (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay)

Gareth Bale, almost out of the cup (REUTERS / Hannah Mckay)

The 2 to 0 put justice to the game and opens a group B that is going to be defined on “the date of the classics”. Iran now has the opportunity in the duel with the United States, in a game of extremely high geopolitical voltage. Wales will have to make accounts in the crossing against England.

Who is encouraged now to bet on the Prode how it ends?

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