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Find out here if this is a holiday Monday June 20 in our country.

Is Monday June 20 a holiday in our country?
© Agency OneIs Monday June 20 a holiday in our country?

Many people have questioned whether it is a holiday next Monday, June 20, since in many calendars that day is marked in red, while others coincide with the official holiday on Tuesday, June 21.

Chilean legislation establishes as a legal holiday the day of the winter solstice of each year in the southern hemisphere, as National Day of Indigenous Peoples. The next holidays in Chile are the following:

  • Tuesday June 21: National Day of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Monday June 27: Saint Peter and Saint Paul
  • Saturday July 16: San Pedro and San Pablo.
  • Monday, August 15: Assumption of the Virgin.
  • Sunday, September 4: Exit Plebiscite: Inalienable.
  • Sunday September 18: National Independence: Inalienable.
  • Monday, September 19: Day of the Glories of the Army: Inalienable.
  • Monday, October 10: Encounter of Two Worlds.
  • Monday, October 31: Day of the Evangelical and Protestant Churches.
  • Tuesday, November 1: All Saints’ Day.
  • Thursday December 8: Immaculate Conception.
  • Sunday, December 25: Christmas (Indispensable).

Is Monday June 20 a holiday in our country?

Monday June 20 does not correspond to a legal holiday. However, hundreds of workers will ask for Monday off to make the traditional “sandwich” foryeah have a long weekend. This can be done legally according to the Labor Code.

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