Is Shakira pregnant?  The video that unleashes her madness among her fans

We regret to confirm that we are parting ways. For the well-being of our children, who are our top priority, we ask that you respect their privacy. Thanks for your understanding”, a statement that is already the history of this country. The breaking of Pique and Shakira It shocked everyone and even more so when it was discovered that it was due to infidelity by the Catalan center-back.

Shakira’s video in which she teaches her followers to dance

While he does not stop losing followers on his social networks, she is reaching record success peaks in her career, thanks to ‘Congratulations’, along with Rauw Alejandro. Her fans do not stop supporting her in these difficult times and there are many celebrities who seem interested in the Colombian singer, like the actors. Henry Cavill or Chris Evans.

They have not been seen together again, neither in the Czech Republic, where her son was competing in a baseball tournament, nor in Barcelona, ​​since Piqué has his own single apartment, while she takes care of her children.

“Are you pregnant?”

Since the moment of the breakup, the fans of both have been very attentive to the future of each one and the latest has been a possible bombshell for Shakira: a new pregnancy. In a video published by the Colombian about the choreography of ‘Te Felicito’, where he teaches the steps of ‘Whatever, whatever’, Many have pointed out a detail about it.

“Are you pregnant?”, is the question that is continually repeated in the comments, due to their positions and movements made in the video, which could mean that they are expecting a third child. Although, many others point out that this type of dance that Shakira performs it makes me have that very developed muscle, being more marked and outgoing than normal.

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