Is Tchouaméni a Casemiro? "It can be, and very good, but..."

AFirst of all, let’s clear it up: Casemiro is a crack already established, and Tchouaméni, the new signing of Real Madrid, can be, but you still have to prove it. With that said, let’s break it down.

It is one of the big questions that Real Madrid asks itself: Is it a copy of Casemiro? Aurélien is a player well known to experts, but few have seen him play often. That’s why, MARCA turned to authorized voices that place him as a defensive midfielder, yes, “but with many other qualities”.

Some images of Tchouaméni’s physique with the French team come to light

The great temptation is to compare it with the Brazilian for two things: the boy has played a lot in that position (Bordeaux, Monaco and France); and Madrid needs a replacement in that position shortly. But all the voices agree: locking him in that role is limiting him, although he can do it very well there. From France, someone who knows him very well on the court, comments for MARCA: “Where he has performed the most is in the double pivot, although this season he has evolved a lot as an inside player with the ball. He has evolved playing face and filtering passes. Of course, it still costs him when it comes to profiling himself and turning his back. In that, he must improve if he wants to play more advanced. As a midfielder, he recovers and plays fast. And then he has a great shot if he gets off the hook.”

In Spain there are not many who know him perfectly. Now everyone thinks of Aurélien, but there are few who have swallowed Monaco’s games, among other things, because the Ligue 1 cannot be seen in Spain on TV. “He’s a modern midfielder,” another specialist tells us. “He’s one of those players who open the debate on whether they should be pivots or inside players. facility for ‘box to box'”.

Tchouameni’s 10 ‘talisman’ goals as a professional

One thing is clear: Tchouameni is a tremendous catcher. In fact, in 2021 he was named the best in the world by the Brazilian specialist in statistics ‘sofascore’. In total, he had 139 steals, 185 tackles and 450 ball recoveries. The best, but is it just that? Nope.

In Madrid, he will play a lot of Casemiro, but he is not just a Casemiro, if that expression is allowed. Over time, as happened with ‘Case’, Tchouameni will end up as a pure pivot, but the Brazilian, at the age of the Frenchman (22), was more inside (Sao Paulo and Castilla) than pivot, and, only with the passing of the age, has accrued in pivot. The same will happen to the French, surely.

At Monaco, he played alongside Fofana in a double pivot licensed to ‘dream’ upwards. In France, with Kanté, Aurélien is the positional player, since Kanté is more dispersed. “He is very tactical and organized. In a few years, he will end up there, but now it would be a sin for him to only play there, because it limits his creative capacity.”

Official: Tchouaméni, new Real Madrid player

top off the analysis Antoine Simonneau, distinguished journalist from ‘L’Equipe’, the journalistic reference in France: “For me he is not a Casemiro. It is true that he can be a great pivot, because he steals and recovers a lot. He is very powerful, has an impressive physical display and wins almost all his duels. Anticipate and read very well the game. It is the world present in this position and the future, either as a pivot or contributing more at an offensive level. His power allows him to break lines, create spaces and unbalance defenses. For me it is a hybrid between the best ‘6’ and the best ‘8’. In addition, personally, he is very hard-working, serious and committed. A great signing for the RM”.

And this is Tchouaméni seen by people who… have really seen it.

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