Isabel Jiménez talks about the state of health of Sara Carbonero after her operation

This Friday, November 23, Sara Carbonero was admitted to the hospital again after a review. The journalist had to undergo emergency surgery at the Clínica Universitaria de Navarra and she has been accompanied at all times by her sister Irene, her mother and her great friend isabella jimenez. Precisely the latter, she has been in charge of giving the first words about the state of health of Iker Casillas’ ex-partner.

The presenter of ‘Informativos Telecinco’ is the one who has reported Sara’s last hour, however, she has done so through Marta Lpez. The television collaborator has coincided with Isabel in the corridors of Telecinco and after spending a while talking with her, has decided to transmit her words about the state of health of the journalist.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. Don’t worry”

Don’t worry, it’s fine. Keep calm”, have been the words that Isabel Jimnez has told Marta López about how Sara Carbonero is. The collaborator has insisted on the good face that Jimnez presented in order to calm everyone down and almost ensure that the intervention has gone as planned.

Finally, one of the people who has also commented on the situation has been the father of his children, Iker Casillas. The former Real Madrid captain has written a tweet in which he accuses the press of publishing news at any price. “The race to break the news. The race to break the news, even if it’s health. The race to break the fucking news and not notice the damage they also do to their environment. Regrettable. THE NEWS”.

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