Christian Fajardo

The Argentine striker had a return date due to physical ailments just for this Saturday when Everton hosts Universidad de Chile, although he will have to continue waiting. Complications in his ailments caused everything to be postponed for the player for two more weeks.

Since April 1, striker Sosa has not appeared in Everton
© Agency OneSince April 1, striker Sosa has not appeared in Everton

Since April 1, when they faced Deportes La Serena, Everton does not get a win for the National Championship. Something that also goes hand in hand, because one of his great reinforcements, Ishmael Sosahas also not been able to act since that same date.

For the same reason, in search of adding three points again, coach Francisco Meneghini wanted to have the option of the Argentine striker to face University of Chilesomething that will have to keep waiting.

Everything, because the former Catholic University suffered from his ailments and will be out for another two weeks, as confirmed by Radio Valparaíso, so he will not be able to be an alternative to the U.

In a duel of needy points, which will be played on Saturday at the Sausalito stadium, who stood out scoring goals with the UC jersey against the blues, will have to keep waiting to have his face to face with Universidad de Chile.

On the other hand, in the U they regret the loss of Jeisson Vargas, who was left out of the summons due to pubalgia problems that have affected him since he was in Unión La Calera.

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