The outlet Le Parisien reported on Benzema.

The last Ballon d’Or player suffered a muscular ailment in training this Saturday and will miss “all the competition”.

The news that no football fan wants to hear in these hours reached the French: less than a day before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, Karim Benzema -last Ballon d’Or- suffered an injury and will miss the entire tournament.

It was because of a tear in his left thigh, which was quickly echoed by the media around the world as soon as the loss of the figure of the group directed by Didier Deschamps was known.

“It will be without Benzema”headlined short and at the bottom of the French newspaper L’Equipe who, like the rest of the locals, regretted what happened.

le monde followed him: “Karim Benzema, injured, will not play in the World Cup in Qatar,” he reported on the man who joins the list of disaffected from the team along with Kanté, Pogba, Nkunku and Kimpembe.

The outlet Le Parisien reported on Benzema.

Along the same lines, the medium le parisien reported: “Karim Benzema misses the entire competition.”

The newspaper La Gazzetta from Italy, for his part, headlined: “Muscular injury for Benzema: the World Cup is lost.”

With a similar tone, it was reported by the renowned Spanish newspaper Brandwhich published: “Karim Benzema loses the World Cup due to injury”.

Almost like a celebration for the withdrawal of the striker from Qatar 2022, the Sport ad: “Benzema misses the World Cup!”. Along with the exclamation posted on the front page of its website, the outlet also attached videos of the player training hours before.

The Spanish newspaper Sport announces Benzema's injury.

The Spanish newspaper Sport announces Benzema’s injury.

In Germany the daily picture posted the news titled “France Shock”. And he pointed out: “Benzema fails for the World Cup.”

The news also covered the media in Denmark, France’s rival in the group stage. “Benzema injured will miss the World Cup”, was the way in which the newspaper announced it Berlingske.

The German newspaper Bild about the injury of Karim Benzema.

The German newspaper Bild about the injury of Karim Benzema.

In Latin America, the Brazilian media or globe announced: “Karim Benzema out of the World Cup after injury”, headlined the fact that they described as a “hard blow” for France.

In Australia, France’s first rival in the World Cup, they were more dramatic. “France in crisis”published the medium herald sun to refer to what happened.

Karim Benzema’s injury

French striker Karim Benzema will not play in the World Cup in Qatar after suffering a muscle tear during training this Saturday, the French Football Federation (FFF) said.

The player had to leave the training session in which, for the first time since he concentrated with France, he had exercised with the rest of his teammates.

“Injured in the left quadriceps, the Real Madrid striker is forced to give up his participation in the World Cup,” the FFF said in a statement.

This is a different problem from the one that had forced the player to rest in recent weeks with Madrid, with whom he barely played half an hour in the last month, and to be on the sidelines of his teammates during the France concentration that began on last Monday.


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