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The business could be forwarded through a loan

Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF - Inter names Edenílson's place
Photo: Pedro H. Tesch/AGIF – Inter names Edenílson’s place

With the likely departure of experienced midfielder Edenílson, the International must go to the market in search of a replacement. The flywheel output causes the Colorado have a space on the salary sheet and that could help the team to get an interesting piece on the market in the next transfer window.

“Jean Lucas, who is in Internacional’s sights for next season, should leave Monaco in January, but the athlete’s priority is to remain in Europe. If a proposal from European football does not arrive, the midfielder can return to Brazil, the player is an old dream of the Colorado leadership”informed Tainan Nunes.

According to the Transfermarkt website, which specializes in the transfer market, the 24-year-old midfielder has his economic rights valued at €7 million (approximately R$40 million at current exchange rates).

“Monaco would even accept a loan, but Inter would still need to make the midfielder’s salaries viable, which, according to the article, is around 1.1 million euros (R$ 6.2 million, at current prices) per season, something which would cost around BRL 520,000 per month for the team from Rio Grande do Sul”reported an excerpt from the article by Portal do Colorado.

With this scenario, it is worth mentioning that in case of a loan, the deal could be made possible since this salary could be paid by the Club, since Edenílson, who should not stay, receives values ​​greater than that, according to information from the Colorado Gateway.

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