"It's a crazy thing!": in tears, Jill Vandermeulen announces happy news (VIDEO) (Update)

“It’s a crazy, crazy day, says Jill, moved, in an Instagram story. My piece is officially on the radio, on Radio Contact, it’s crazy!”. And before sketching a few dance steps on her title We’ll see, the Youtuber, ex-Star academician and TV host explains that the release of this single means a lot to her. “It’s a huge dream come true, you have no idea, it’s great. I’m super happy, I’m super emotional too but it’s crazy stuff.”

Sandrine Corman, Sophie Pendeville, Laura Beyne, Henri Pfr, Maria Del Rio, Emilie Dupuis, Gaelle Garcia Diaz, etc.: people react

“A FUCK dream come true !!!, writes the singer on Instagram with the cover of the single produced in collaboration with the artist Bendo. “You have no idea what this event is a huge revenge on life for me. I hope my piece will make you dance, smile, cry, that it will bring you heartache and joy! All the messages of motivation and self-confidence that I convey on a daily basis are there! This piece is made with all my soul and my heart.” And Jill Vandermeulen takes the opportunity to send a message, under the sun. “Remember that it’s never too late to believe in these wildest dreams! I am proof that anything can happen in life if you put faith, love, sincerity and heart!!”

“Can’t wait to listen to this my beautiful but above all immense immense BRAVO”, writes Emilie Dupuis. “Waouuuwwww congratulations my beautiful 😍😍😍 so happy for you”, writes Laura Beyne. Or, between the emojis of the RTL family or other artists who welcome the release of We’ll see, the message of Leslie in the kitchen. “I’ve said it everywhere I can. But damn it Jill! You can’t even imagine how happy I am for you…I know you have this strength in you to move mountains, and not let go, everything. That pays off one day so BRAVOOOOO!”

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