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Goalkeeper commented on the first steps of the Academy’s jewel in the National Team

Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF
Photo: Gabriel Machado/AGIF

On the morning of last Wednesday (11), the palm trees was surprised and has two athletes in the Brazilian National Team. The list of summoned by Tite brought the routine called by Weverton, as well as, pointed out the novelty of the first summons of Danilo.

This Thursday (12), an interview with the goalkeeper was aired on the official channel of Verdão and Weverton revealed that he has already talked to Danilo about the new stage that the academy jewelry experience in your life. The shirt number 21 of Palestra said that the midfielder “deserves a lot” to be remembered by Tite.

“One piece of advice I give Danilo is that, on my first time, it’s really a very tense moment, he’s very happy, but he’s already thinking about the old prank call, which makes him sleepy. But I already gave him some advice, I told him he memorizes the national anthem well because he’ll have to sing, think about what he’s going to say. It’s a tense moment, but also very happy. He really deserves to be in the national team, he’s been doing a great job, I’m sure he’ll do a great job I work there too and will seize the opportunity,” said Weverton.

Weverton went beyond Danilo’s call-up and commented on having been called up again by Tite: “Very happy, it is always an immense joy to be called up. I think it is a result of the work that has been done at the club, of the performance, of being in high level. We are always very grateful to the people who help us day by day, who help us to maintain the high level, to have the chance to be called up to the national team, which is a reason to be very proud”

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