"It's clear to everyone";  Jair Ventura detonates 'guilty' and belittles Corinthians victory

Corinthians took the field against Goiás, at the Neo Química Arena, looking to find themselves with the victory after a bitter draw against Athletico-PR, which made Palmeiras open an advantage at the end of the Brazilian Championship. The team led by Vítor Pereira was not brilliant, but did what was necessary to guarantee 1-0 on the scoreboard and add 3 points, equaling the 25 of the arch-rivals.

Without being able to create so many opportunities, Timão opened the scoring in the first half, after a move that generated a lot of discussion: Adson was launched and hit Tadeu’s exit, who made a great defense, giving a rebound in the area, which caused Róger Guedes to finish . The ball, however, deflected in the defender of the emeraldino, sliding in the arm, with the referee signaling a penalty.

In the crash, Fábio Santos followed the high performance and scored the only goal of the match. The opponent’s revolt was great, precisely because it was considered a dubious move. After 90 minutes, coach Jair Ventura showed indignation, detonated the refereeing team and “discredited” the alvinegra victory, saying that few chances were created.

“Unfortunately, I watched (the move). I started my career in 2016 not wanting to talk about refereeing. I’m not an expert in refereeing, I didn’t study for that, but I trust your colleagues a lot. Oh, it’s difficult”replied the coach, in his first statement after the game, complementing other moves that occurred in favor of Goiás.

“You come with 9 players less, at Corinthians, in Ruan’s debut as a starter, without four defenders, without four forwards, and you lose that way… And there was a similar bid against Inter. There is no criterion, criterion is what the judge thinks he has to do. For us, Pedro Raul is pulled and you don’t even see him going to VAR. But beauty, let’s go”he complained, saying he saw no merit in the opponent to win the victory.

“I don’t think it was a penalty either, we left with a defeat in which our opponent had more game volume, yes, but Tadeu didn’t make any saves. A kick at the end of Róger Guedes was in his hand, that’s all. We get the bad feeling because, with all due respect, they didn’t do it to deserve the win. Due to a refereeing error, which is clear to everyone, Goiás is harmed todayfinished.

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