It's not going anymore at United: the two candidate clubs to sign Cristiano Ronaldo

the last dance of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Manchester Utd It’s about to end in the worst possible way. The English team began the procedures to deal with the interview in which the Portuguese charged against the entire structure of the club and these include the termination of the contract of what was once the most important element. This is confirmed by the English press, which explains that the MU has sought legal advice to end the relationship of a player who has gone from listening to Old Trafford on “Long live Ronaldo!” to attack practically the entire institution.

Termination of contract and that he does not return to Carrington, United’s sports city. It is the option handled by the English press, which already assumes that Cristiano Ronaldo’s days as ‘Red Devil’ have come to an end. In this line, according to ESPN, there are already teams that aim to sign him in the winter.

According to ESPN UK journalist Rob Dawson, napoli Y Atletico Madrid have started to move transfer market to convey to the Portuguese his intention to count on him from January of next year. As things are going, the Funchal-born striker would arrive in Italy or Spain at no cost as he is a free agent.

For now, the Old Trafford club has settled for a small statement that only warns of the start of the process. “We have taken the first appropriate steps in response to Cristiano Ronaldo’s interview. We will not comment further on this until this process reaches its conclusion.”explained United, to calm down all those who already ask for the head of the Portuguese.

“United have to terminate their contract”, said Gary Neville, Cristiano’s former teammate and one of United’s most authoritative voices. “If he has done this, it is because he knows there is no going back”added English.

There will remain unknowns to be resolved, such as possible settlements, compensation, lawsuits and future reproaches, but what is clear is that Cristiano’s days at Old Trafford are close to ending. In the worst possible way.

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