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As a result of Danilo’s confirmed injury, many fans are hoping that the full-back would be called up by Tite

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF - Fagner was called up in 2018.
Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Fagner was called up in 2018.

After the victory over Serbia, by 2 to 0, Brazil suffered 2 pieces of news this Friday (25): according to the CBF, Neymar and Danilo they went to a local hospital, where they underwent tests to assess the severity of the injury. Both returned to the hotel where the team is concentrated and will continue the physiotherapy treatment.

However, the situation is worse than many imagined: according to information from the doctor of the Brazilian team, Rodrigo Lasmar, the number 10 had a lateral ligament injury in his right ankle, along with a small bone edema. In the case of the lateral, he faces a medial ligament injury in his left ankle.

In updating the clinical pictures, the doctor gave more details: “They started treatment yesterday (24), immediately after the game”🇧🇷 The players are still undergoing treatment and will undergo “evaluation will be daily, so that we have information and make the best decisions based on it”🇧🇷 The starters are out of the match against Switzerland next Monday (28), remaining in treatment with the aim of being healthy for the next stage of the competition.

As a result, as Daniel Alves does not like it, many fans are calling for a possible last-minute call-up for Corinthians’ Fagner, who even replaced Danilo in the 2018 World Cup, achieving good performances. Nonetheless, a “bomb” was quite discouraging, since a FIFA rule prohibits this “maneuver”.

In 2006, Edmilson gave way to Mineiro, but now that cannot happen anymore: the teams had 24 hours before their 1st game to inform FIFA of any injury requiring replacement. Thus, it is the rule in this World Cup and Tite will have to choose between the 24 available, since of the 26 called up, two are out of the group stage, to solve this problem of casualties.

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