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Knowing the potential and high sales value, the board is already beginning to stipulate some favorable conditions for Verdão

(Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) - Ancelotti is one of those interested.
(Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images) – Ancelotti is one of those interested.

O palm trees has been going through a great moment for some years now, with an extremely competitive cast, which has been applying in the best possible way what is requested by the technical commission and is reaping results year after year. The team led by Abel Ferreira is currently considered the main team in the country, since the other opponents continue to slip and experience instability.

Away from the pitch, the board has managed to maintain the rhythm, seeking to carry out negotiations in the transfer market, precisely so that the cast continues with a lot of quality and interesting options. Recently, for example, 2 signings were made, precisely in a position that was treated as scarce: Miguel Merentiel and Flaco López, both centre-forwards.

However, just as news arrives, planning also includes sales, precisely to balance the accounts. Along these lines, some players top the list, even more youngsters who already show great potential at a young age, drawing the attention of several clubs abroad, especially the giants.

in Palmeiras, is the trio sensation of the moment that can bring a high profit. According to the base manager, João Paulo Sampaio, up to R$790 million is expected from the sale of 3 base players: Endrick, Luis Guilherme and Messinhowho are still enjoying a great phase at the beginning of their career and are spoken outside of Brazil.

To begin with, for example, Endrick, who will sign a contract with an initial fine of 40 million euros, is already “spied on” by Ancelotti’s Real Madrid, as well as PSG, Barcelona and Manchester City. In the case of Luis Guilherme, he caught Arsenal’s attention. Considered the most valuable of this trio, Messinho has not yet received offers, but Alviverde knows that it is only a matter of time.

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