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Mister wanted to return to Mengão, but that won’t happen

Photo: Eric Verhoeven/Socrates/Getty Images)
Photo: Eric Verhoeven/Socrates/Getty Images)

Jorge Jesus will not return to Flamengo. Mister wanted to, returned to the Brazil to spend a week with that hope, but it didn’t happen. For many reasons. The first is that Rubro-Negro has a coach with a contract in progress. Despite being well criticized by the Nation, the gringo has the support of the board.

Another predominant factor is that the departure of Jorge Jesus in 2020 did not go down well. He had just renewed it, when Benfica’s proposal arrived and the Mr. chose to leave. Many considered this as a “betrayal” within the club, even though it was at the time when the pandemic in Brazil was at its peak and the coach had no family members living with him in Rio de Janeiro.

THE A report by Bolavip Brasil found that Jorge Jesus left Brazil this week convinced that his return while Rodolfo Landim is in the presidency will hardly happen. All because the current Flamengo president was one of those who was disgusted by the situation in 2020 and, because he is a very proud guy, he believes that Fla can win and maintain the legacy without JJ. Another episode was that the management also failed to bring Jesus when they fired Renato and he ended up leaving Benfica days later. That didn’t do any good.

Landim has not made any hopeful moves to sign him at this point. He spoke with Paulo Sousa and said that everyone internally believes in his work. The current commander has support and feels protected, even though the fans – a good part of the Nation – think differently and understand that “JJ” would be ideal this season. In the Portuguese press, newspapers already say that Mister will be announced by Fenerbahçe.

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